Cenex LCV2015 @ Millbrook

Millbrook is one of Europe’s leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and off-road vehicles.

LCV2013 university showcase
Millbrook's fantastic Ride and Drive Facilities

Millbrook test tracks are located with 700 acres of countryside in Bedfordshire, near Milton Keynes. With 50 miles of ride & drive facilities across the Hill Route, City Course and High Speed Circuit, as well as extensive indoor and outdoor exhibition space, Millbrook offers the perfect location to showcase and test the latest technology in the low carbon industry.

Ride and Drive Facilities

Hill Route: Gradients of 6.7% to 21% provide a unique facility to evaluate powertrains, transmissions, dynamics, braking and active systems for all types of low and ultra-low carbon vehicles.

City Course: The city course offers a means of simulating low speed urban driving conditions to judge vehicle performance.

High Speed Circuit: The circular, banked track and multi-lane configuration provides a unique facility for evaluating the acceleration and dynamics of low carbon vehicles. Each lane has its own neutral steering pad speed to simulate long distance motorway driving.