Jon Horsley

Jon Horsley

LCV - Lead Technologist - Automotive at Innovate UK

Jon Horsley is the Lead Technologist for Automotive at InnovateUK (formerly Technology Strategy Board), designing and implementing grant-funding programmes to support the various UK automotive sectors.

Support programmes he has delivered include the £11m 2012 Low Carbon Truck Demo Trial (being disseminated at LCV15 on day #2), the £6m 2014 Off-Highway Vehicles competition, and the £10m 2015 OLEV “Spearheading Future Battery Production” competition.

Prior to joining the TSB in November 2010, he was a self-employed carbon reduction consultant for two years having read a Carbon Management MBA at University of East Anglia in 2008.

Before then, he held a number of posts within powertrain development over a 17-year career with Zytek including leading the EV/HEV group from 1998-2002 and, most recently, as a director of the JV with Continental Engineering Services GmbH.