Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Deputy Director - Deputy Director Innovation in Industry

Richard is Deputy Director Innovation in Industry at Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency. He is responsible for ensuring alignment between the needs of industry and the Innovate UK programme. He also has overall responsibility for developing and implementing a sustainability strategy across all of the Technology Strategy Board activities, and direct responsibility for programmes in Urban Innovation and Future Cities, Low-Impact Buildings, Resource Efficiency and Water. He is a non-­‐executive director of the Future Cities Catapult.

Previously he developed and led the Low-Impact Buildings Innovation Platform; creating a programme to enable UK industry to meet the challenge of delivering buildings with a dramatically reduced environmental footprint over the next 10 years.

Richard graduated in Chemistry from Imperial College London, and later completed a PhD in bioinorganic chemistry at the University of Manchester. After a short stint as a post-­‐doctoral fellow he became a lecturer in the Department of Instrumentation and Analytical Science at Manchester, researching intelligent instruments and new forms of spectroscopic analysis. In 1986 he joined Unilever’s central research group to create a measurement science team at their Port Sunlight Laboratory. He then managed the research programme for the Unilever Speciality Chemicals Group, leading to the creation of a new research focus in molecular modelling and knowledge management.

In 1993 Richard was appointed Vice President R&D for Unichema International, a Unilever company. After the sale of Unichema International to ICI he held a joint appointment as Director for Knowledge and Sustainability in Uniqema, an ICI subsidiary, and as ICI Senior Research Fellow. At Uniqema he was responsible for all knowledge initiatives, development of an e-­‐business portfolio, and for integrating sustainability into the corporate strategy. As Senior Research Fellow he was a member of the ICI Technology Board responsible for the development and implementation of ICI’s corporate research and technology strategy. Richard took particular responsibility for sustainability, modelling and knowledge programmes.

In 2001 Richard left to found Miller-Klein Associates, a consultancy focused on innovation and sustainability, and Vigorat, a specialist intranet consultancy. With both he has worked with a range of public and private organisations.