Automotive Council @ LCV2016

The Automotive Council was established in 2009 to enhance dialogue and strengthen co-operation between the UK Government and the automotive sector.

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The Council is jointly chaired by industry and Government and is made up of senior figures from across industry and government.

The activities of the Automotive Council are channelled through three working groups, each divided into a range of workstreams. The working groups are:

Automotive Council Aims and Objectives

The Automotive Council aims to:

  • Create a transformed business environment for the automotive industry in the UK to provide a more compelling investment proposition for related industries;
  • Develop further technology roadmaps for low carbon vehicles and fuels and driverless vehicles and exploit opportunities to promote the UK as a strong candidate to develop these and other technologies;
  • Develop a stronger and more competitive automotive supply chain;
  • Provide a stronger public voice for the industry to support the value of the industry to the UK and global partners;

To learn more about the Automotive Council story and support opportunities available to the industry, visit the Automotive Council at LCV2016.

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