Dr Claus Goersmann

Dr Claus Goersmann

Technology Strategy Manager - Johnson Matthey, Emission Control Technologies Division

Dr Claus Görsmann is the Technology Strategy Manager for Johnson Matthey’s Emission Control Technologies Division. He is currently studying possible future powertrain technology developments influenced by factors such as air pollution, climate change, urbanisation or rising technology trends like autonomous driving.

He joined Johnson Matthey in 1997 as Development Chemist. During this time he developed novel NOX control (SCR) technologies and co-invented the simultaneous NOX and Particulate control (SCRT®) system, which is today’s industry standard for diesel emission control.

In his Technical Liaison role he successfully introduced EU-4 emission control technology to major German Light Duty Diesel customers.

As Technology Manager for European Heavy-Duty Diesel Retrofit and Non-Road Technology applications he supported the introduction of combined NOX and PM control system to urban bus fleets in severely polluted cities years before comparable OEM technologies became available. He also supported non-road OEMs meeting NRMM Stage III and IV emission targets.