Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald

Technical Director - Connected Energy

With over 30 years automotive and energy transfer/storage experience, spanning Leyland bus and truck division, Formula One and more recently, Chief Electrical Engineer at Lotus engineering, Ian has a wealth of knowledge in relation to on-board vehicle systems and electrical technologies.

Ian has essential skills bridging the now converging vectors of electricity distribution and automotive architectures. Specialising in the integration of ‘Plug-in’ transport systems with off-board charging, electricity integration including V2G and load demand management, as well as associated control system networks.

Ian is technical lead for Connected Energy, a company who is working with mainstream Automotive manufacturers to repurpose EV batteries for static storage applications. Ian has been involved in the development of a range of power storage systems culminating in Connected Energy’s E-STOR product range launched in 2016.

Ian has been the technical lead for several major energy storage and e-mobility related projects. This includes the EVEREST Energy Storage Demonstrator project and the Source East EV charging network.