Michael Finnegan

Michael Finnegan

Senior Project Engineer - Powertrain Research and Technology - Jaguar Land Rover

Michael Finnegan is a senior project engineer in powertrain research for Jaguar Land Rover.

Michael graduated with an honours degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering combined with an ordinary degree in Mathematics at the University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin in 2008.

Michael went on to work for three years in the manufacturing industry providing turnkey solutions to clients across the automotive, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Michael joined Jaguar Land Rover as a Graduate Engineer in 2012 after completing a Master’s degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace at Queen’s University Belfast. Michael’s early career at Jaguar Land Rover involved researching and delivering advanced engine and hybrid technologies before moving on to supporting the delivery of prototype engines across vehicle platforms.

In 2014 Michael was appointed as project lead for delivery of powertrain components for the Innovate UK Evoque_E BEV. Michael has since been appointed as a senior engineer leading the delivery of powertrain activities across all three vehicle architectures in Evoque_E (BEV, MHEV & PHEV).